Why Choose Leeway as Your Progress Inspection Provider?

Fast and Fair Inspections – Keeps Your Clients and Contractors Happy

At Leeway, we understand that contractors and borrowers will often shop banks based on quick turnaround once a draw is requested. They are also aware which banks fairly assess the progress at the time of inspection. We know that the inspector can be the slowest part of the process and that our accuracy matters. Therefore, we are committed to a fast "2 Business Day" inspection and have a proven process to provide experienced and reliable inspection data.

Responsive Service – Helping You Respond Quickly to Issues and Concerns

When your clients are happy, life is good. If issues arise, we realize you want a fast resolution. We will respond quickly and personally to any issues and concerns. During business hours someone is always available to reassess a report or resolve an issue right away. We will keep you updated to progress and even reinspect a property, if needed. Our clients consistently tell us that our quick and friendly responsiveness sets us apart from many of the other inspection providers.

Inspect Anywhere – Allows you to Lend Anywhere in the United States

In this day of social media and expanding territories, community banking is more about relationships than just local lending. Clients move, buy land away from the city, or expand their businesses to other areas. Leeway is designed to give you the ability to lend anywhere your client builds and make loans both inside your banking footprint and outside your territory without you needing to find a different inspector. We provide the same quality service and consistent reports regardless of location.

Experienced and E&O Insured – Provides You Peace of Mind

You can be confident you will get experienced and reliable inspections when you call on Leeway Inspections. We have been serving local and regional banks since 1994. Leeway has performed nearly 100,000 inspections for over 30 different lenders. Our founder, Dennis Lee who comes from both a banking and inspecting background has designed the business to be lender friendly. We carry Errors and Omissions Insurance assuring you of our long-term viability and reducing risk.

Niched and Specialized – Makes Your Inspection Our Highest Priority

Unlike other companies, we are focused on doing what we do best - construction progress inspections. We do not do appraisals, cost control, home inspections or other unrelated services that can distract us from our purpose: To provide you with fast inspections and great customer service. This specialization assures you that we will bend over backwards and go the extra mile to provide the best service possible, because our reputation and business depends on it and so does yours.

Decision Ready Reports – Gives You Clear Information for Good Decisions

We understand that not everyone in the decision process will have construction expertise, therefore our approach is a simple form based report that allows for explanations of recommendations. Your report will be customized to fit your needs including draw schedules, line items and overall percentage of completion. Regardless which type of inspection you use, your reports are designed to give you the information you need to make an informed decision.