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Leeway Inspections verifies construction progress for community banks and local lenders in a relational way so that the lender can keep and attract clients, borrowers, contractors and builders. Our vision is to provide the same personal service the bank would if it had its own progress inspection department. Our goal is to help our clients grow both the quantity and quality of their construction loan portfolio. We do this by providing responsive, reliable and relational progress inspection services for residential and commercial construction projects.

Responsive inspections includes being fast (onsite inspector arrives within two business days) and available to answer questions and respond to issues that may arise for disbursers, loan officers and other decision-makers .

Reliable inspections provide a clear and accurate assessment of the projects progress from experienced inspection professionals. We understand that not everyone in the decision process will have construction expertise, therefore our approach is a simple form-based report that allows for explanations of recommendations. Your report will be customized to fit your needs including draw schedules, line items and overall percentage of completion. Your reports are designed to give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Relational inspections differentiates us from other companies and will differentiate you in the marketplace. At the beginning of a project we connect with the contractor to go over the budget and other documents to clarify the scope and line items within the budget. We will also communicate with the contractor, disbursers and decision-makers throughout the draw process to make sure the decision-makers have the information they need to make a good decision.

This may seem like a common-sense approach. But in today's world of big inspection companies using automated and impersonal systems, this approach is unique and gives a competitive advantage the big bank can't.

Progress Inspection Services